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Approach to Carte Blanche to challenge our academics to replicate the claim in this paper
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 on: May 05, 2017, 18:25:59 
Started by Rosemary Ainslie - Last post by Mumstheword
Well, it is now MAY 5th 2017.
Still nobody knows why we are not hearing from Rosemary ? So sad.

 on: February 27, 2017, 17:34:55 
Started by Rosemary Ainslie - Last post by Mumstheword
Almost March 2017.
Just wondering what has happened to Rosemary. Does anyone know ?+

 on: January 04, 2017, 23:23:02 
Started by chessnyt - Last post by chessnyt
Before getting to the good stuff, I believe a little review is in order.  Let’s begin with the master plan of the globalists in a nutshell.

The master plan has already been laid out a long time ago behind the scenes, however, introducing it at face value and all at once would shock and offend the masses thus a carefully controlled release must be orchestrated.

The orchestrated release must be a gradual one in which each piece is sold to U.S. citizens one bite at a time in order to avoid choking the recipients.   

But how do you sell pieces of the plan that appear to be outright violations of our constitutional rights?  You present these proposals as solutions to artificially created (or extremely exaggerated) problems.

When they want to sell censorship, they claim that the violation of your freedom of speech is necessary to combat false news.  This is why Hillary Clinton has recently given a speech in which she calls for the silencing of the alternative news media.

When they want to sell mass surveillance, they claim that the violation of your privacy is necessary in order to better protect you from terrorist threats.  This is why Obama has not sought to bring James Clapper up on charges despite his lying under oath to Congress.

When they want to sell a ban on guns, they claim that the violation of your rights to own and bear arms is necessary to prevent future mass shootings.  Now you can understand why Obama used recent mass shootings in order to push the globalist gun control agenda.

When they want to sell open borders, they claim that securing and properly protecting borders is racism.  This is why Obama did not allow the enforcement of immigration laws under his two terms in office.

Then there’s the idea of world peace to sell under the guise of the United Nations (which is also controlled by globalists).

Now world peace is a wonderful idea, but is simply not pragmatic.  Evil men must be kept in check with real consequences and threats lest they carry out their own heart’s desires. 

We experienced the first purge of the world’s population through a global flood that wiped out all but 8 souls, yet it was only a temporary fix in terms of peace.  Even after God started over, evil men once again populated the new nations of the world and violently set out to conquer large territories. 

Thousands of years later, the civilized modern world has come to respect force and only serious threats of force at that.

For example, the only thing that keeps China from enslaving people through military force beyond their borders is military responses from neighboring countries they do not control.  This is why their current long term war has been fought using monetary policies imposed on other countries that are unable to compete against slave wages and virtually little regulation.

In a global economic scenario, the Chinese stand to profit from a new world order in which the central bankers are pushing on the rest of the world currently.  The larger the system grows, the greater the profit and the fewer nations left standing (economically speaking) in the wake of a one world government.  This places China in the position of the last remaining super power by default.  This is called “simplification” and makes what power they possess even ten times their former status.

This advantage also lends to control by covet means.  China has secretly philosophized that it is cheaper to go around your enemy than to take them on directly. 

When a nation is completely broke, all its wealth is consolidated into the hands of a foreign entity.  That is to say, not so much the nation that owns their debt, but rather the nation that owns its real-estate and physical assets.  That is how the game is won.  Not by becoming entangled in perpetual wars but by directing indebted nations to make this grave mistake in order to drive up further the already unbearable debt they possess.  This accelerates the downfall of a nation while using its military force to act in the best interests of the controlling globalists.  This allows the globalists to become part of the toppled country’s monetary system via loans to rebuild and restructure.  It’s the Federal Reserve all over again under a different guise.  This is an additional reason that the globalists need the current president of the U.S. in their pocket as well as key members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

China’s only critical mistake is believing that they will one day cash in the U.S. debt that they have invested in.  Instead of placing themselves in the owner’s seat of the U.S. itself, they will have placed themselves in the crosshairs of the globalists in control of our monetary system who have engineered our economic fate and will be forced to wage war with the U.S. in order to collect their collateral.  In other words, they are simply buying up worthless paper while the globalists are busy converting useless paper into tangible solid assets.  The globalists are equal opportunity swindlers.

About the only useful thing that China is able to do with the debt they have been investing in is to co-finance the political campaigns of U.S. politicians that will fight for trade agreements and foreign policy that are friendly to the Chinese government, giving them the fat end of the stick in each case.  Sometimes this must be done by circumventing existing laws by using a politician’s foundation (private donations) in order to launder the money and ensure it can be utilized by the intended recipients.  It’s a sort of “pay for play” scheme that has been going on for quite some time now. 

Once you understand the strategy, it is only then that you recognize the enemy.  Let’s go back to further understanding the infiltration via monetary policy (The Federal Reserve Act).

Let’s use the cow as our analogy to explain what the globalists are trying to accomplish here in the U.S.

The U.S. is a cow that the globalists want to milk for everything it’s worth in tangible assets (e.g. Amassing corporations and real estate).  There’s a difference between milking the cow and slaughtering it.

When you slaughter the cow you can never milk it again. This is the purpose for the engineered recessions we have recently experienced.  It is to use worthless fiat currency to purchase tangible physical property in order to extract solid assets.  This is why recessions are part of a controlled cycle span in order to allow the “cow” enough time to accumulate milk so it is ripe for the milking. 

Since The Federal Reserve decides when to raise interest rates, it also transforms themselves into the ultimate inside traders.  Because they know when the market is about to tank beforehand, they know which stocks and assets to unload and which ones to hold onto.  Then like vultures, they wait for the carcasses to pile up and then swoop down and buy up corporations and real-estate for pennies on the dollar when nobody else under our system has very much money to compete.  It’s a complete buyer’s market.

But why not cause a complete collapse, you might ask?  Well that is why I used the cow in my analogy above.  You see, a total collapse would be like slaughtering the “cow”.  As mentioned above, after slaughtering the cow, the cow can no longer be milked, thus it is only to their detriment that the dollar completely collapses. 

The elite globalists pulling all the financial strings will not let the dollar completely collapse and they will simply keep printing money (QE or “Quantitative Easing” for those in the know) to infinity and beyond if that’s what it takes to keep the dollar alive. 

Now let’s get to the logic behind this move.  Like a master chess player, you need to understand the PURPOSE behind this move/strategy for not allowing the dollar to die. 

For with the death of the dollar comes the birth of another currency and currency system in which the globalists will not be able to benefit from.  It’s called sound money.  Those in the know understand what the current financial system is based on.  It truthfully is engineered perpetual debt (or predatory lending for the bankers amongst us). 

It’s a system that is designed to enslave by way of perpetual debt that only grows in size and cannot possibly be paid off in full EVER.  It’s a giant scam.  The current system we have is called “Modern Money Mechanics” (look it up) which was setup by The Federal Reserve. 

For those who don’t know, the Federal Reserve is owned and controlled by private bankers and not our own government.  The title “Federal Reserve” was simply a disguise used to make the private bank appear to be part of our federal government but nothing could be further from the truth.  It does sound federal and official though, so nobody questioned it at the beginning.

The beginning (birth) of The Federal Reserve was when the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law in 1913 by President Wilson. 

Now I say all this to let the reader understand two things. 

Firstly, the current system is a way to steal money from people without actually doing any work.  It is entirely and purely fraud.  It will always be fraud, but if the FED raises interest rates too high, the system will trigger a recession which will allow them (the Federal Reserve private bankers) to buy up companies and property for pennies on the dollar, which is one way they are profiting from engineered RECESSIONS and not complete collapses. 

This is why they now own the mainstream media.  That is how they made this important acquisition.  It’s an acquisition that allows them even more control than the control they have already purchased through sponsoring politicians. 

Owning the mainstream media allows them to become the gatekeepers of truth and knowledge.  It allows them to make fake concepts appear to be true and true concepts to appear fake.  It allows them to further their agenda through the spreading of propaganda on a massive scale.  It should then make sense to the reader that the alternative media is currently their worst enemy, which has led to the political success of Donald Trump (a non-establishment president).  This is also the reason that the globalists (owners of the Federal Reserve) have pressured their political assets to introduce and pass legislation in order to combat alternative news outlets and shut down free speech.

Secondly, because The Federal Reserve was signed into law as an Act (The Federal Reserve Act), it is subject to REPEAL!  Just as it was signed into law, it can be signed out of law, which is why they (the globalists) carefully guard who becomes president of the United States.  It should be obvious by now why the mainstream media fought so fiercely to keep Trump out of office. 

Now let us visit the corrupt within our federal government.  Let’s start with the head of our intelligence agencies.   

The head of our intelligence agencies, James Clapper, went before Congress and lied under oath when he stated that the U.S. government did not spy on its citizens nor did they intercept or collect information illegally without a warrant.

Now a warrant can only be issued if a government entity first provides probable cause.  Using your cellphone is not probable cause.  Using an email provider is not probable cause.  Owning a laptop with a built-in web cam is not probable cause.  Driving to the store is not probable cause.  Posting on Facebook is not probable cause.  Carrying your cellphone while you are defecating in a bathroom is not probable cause.  Getting undressed in your bedroom while your laptop is open is not probable cause.  Despite the fact that everything mentioned above is not probable cause, the government is not only continuing its illegal invasion into your privacy, but they are recording and cataloging it in their massive clandestine electronic storage facilities across the U.S.     

James Clapper, after lying to Congress under oath by denying that our government illegally spies on us and clearly violates our Fourth Amendment rights, was given a pass by other corrupt politicians thus he was never prosecuted for his federal crime.  In fact, he was never even charged with a crime at all. Furthermore, he also retained his position without so much as a probe into his federal perjury commission.   

Now these same agencies that claimed they didn’t spy on us (yet were exposed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden) are saying that the Russians did the hacking which exposed Hillary Clinton as a corrupt presidential candidate (which she ironically is not denying) during our recent election cycle. Hillary Clinton herself admits that the corruption exposed by the leaks is in fact true.  Her mere defense is that the proof of corruption was obtained illegally. 

So here’s the great dilemma.  Are these federal agencies that have lied under oath previously now telling us the truth?  When did the lying end and the truth begin again?  And when will the truth end and the lies begin again?  In other words, how can we believe the statements of federal intelligence agencies who have absolutely no credibility?  How can we believe federal agencies that claim there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  How can we believe agencies that have paid Syrian children to lie down on the ground and be photographed pretending to be dead from a chemical weapon strike and then publish these fake images in the mainstream media as proof of war violations against the Assad regime?  How can we believe federal agencies that found no wrong doing in the email case of Hillary Clinton?  How can we believe the same agencies that claimed that Edward Snowden was simply a government hacker when the reality is that he was a highly trained and skillful agent of the Central Intelligence Agency? 

And so credibility is hugely lacking here.  It is precisely for this reason that we teach our children to never cry wolf. 

A more credible source would be Julian Assange himself, who published these hacked emails as part of a Wikileaks disclosure.  Mr. Assange states that the source of the information that was released was not from the Russian Government, nor was it from any rival government or entity. 

Now Mr. Assange has a much better track record than that of our U.S. intelligence community thus I take Mr. Assange at his word.  His version of events is the one in which I find credible.

And speaking of corruption, it is equally important to expose high level politicians within our federal government.

Spotting the establishment globalist backed politicians on both sides of the aisle is not really difficult to do. 

Look at John McCain (formerly backed by convicted felon, Charles Keating of the now defunct Lincoln Savings bank) for instance.  He fought Trump from the very beginning despite being from the very same party that is supposed to oppose democrats such as Hillary Clinton.  To this day, he still opposes Trump. He is someone who is not only from the same party, but is supposed to be striving towards the same party lines, yet the disconnect is overwhelming between the two.

Then there’s Paul Ryan, who missed no opportunity to thwart Trump’s bid for the White House.  Here’s a leading Republican attacking a member of his own party despite Trump’s unprecedented support by the American public.

Then there’s former republican President George Bush Sr.  He also attacked Trump and even openly and publicly supported Hillary Clinton, whose husband politically crushed him in his re-election bid for the White House.  Is it not obvious that both the Clintons and the Bushes are on the same team?

Beware of these men and other politicians like them.  These politicians oppose Trump for the same reason the mainstream media opposes Trump.  They have the same bosses (the globalists, in case you have forgotten).  “For it is by their fruits that ye shall know them”, and those who attack Trump are the establishment politicians Trump came to expose and remove from our government (drain the swamp). 

The true end game agenda for the globalists is to strip U.S. citizens of EVERY right and freedom they currently have left in order to end our electoral process altogether and forevermore to ensure that no elected official or group of officials can undo or change the laws which afforded them power to begin with.  The idea is to choke off any chance of themselves being overthrown and taken out of power by the same type of political force that they used to gain control of us in the first place.  This is the only threat they have left to quash.

They are fearful of Trump because they perceive him as the new JFK on steroids.  I personally believe that Trump has more backbone than JFK ever did, however, it is not so much that JFK was weaker than him.  It is merely the fact that Trump was simply raised in an era in which men’s love is waxing cold.  These are much fiercer times than the 1960’s were.

Now comes the part that I mentioned in my previous post.  This is the part that you and I must play in order to get our country back from the globalists. 

I write these articles and post them on websites in order to inform my fellow citizens, which used to be the job of the mainstream press before they were taken over and coopted by the NWO globalists. 

I don’t care what your political affiliation is, your sexual orientation, your age, your financial status, gender or religious views.  What I care about is you because we are all Americans together.  The fate of our entire nation rests on our shoulders.  To not be a part of the solution would make us part of the problem. 

I don’t get paid for writing and publishing articles like this, and this is not by accident.  I want to avoid the opportunity for anyone to be able to suggest that my motives are for monetary gain.   

Now I don’t condemn those who do get paid and actually profit from disseminating the truth.  This may be some people’s livelihood.  My livelihood is in another profession.   

One of the biggest ways that you can help get our country back from the globalists that have infiltrated the United States is to spread the truth and share articles like this one with your friends.  The enemy does not like exposure and publicity.  Like all thieves and swindlers, they are most successful undetected working in obscurity.

 on: January 02, 2017, 01:25:29 
Started by chessnyt - Last post by chessnyt

As laid out in the previous posting, the "fictitious" plan to take over America is in fact the one in which you have just read. 

The entire plan includes the unraveling of our freedoms and rights by bringing all nations under the control of private wealthy banking elites. 

Trump has thrown a huge wrench into their global plans to control the world as has the Russian government, making these two the obvious and appropriate enemies in which to defeat as these remaining two stand in the way of global dominance and control. 

My next article will deal with more of the U.S. and its struggle against the Soros' of our world and how you can personally fight these trillion dollar empires and actually bring about their demise. 

Now that phase one is complete (electing new non-establishment leadership), phase two requires each and every one of us to participate together in concert. 

 on: December 18, 2016, 19:10:11 
Started by chessnyt - Last post by chessnyt
A new dawn is coming for Americans in January of 2017.  As President Elect Trump takes office, he will rapidly unleash his tactical strategies to make American great again.  This is an exciting time to be alive.  Trump will be the first non-establishment president and cabinet since President John F. Kennedy in the 1960’s.

The two party political system we now have was designed to keep non-establishment candidates out of office.  Think of it as a game of keep away, where it only exists to control who runs for president and keep power out of the hands of the general public (the majority) in order for an elite minority to rule the people of our nation.  Yes, a hand full of people have run the United States for the past half of a century.  That’s what all of the in-fighting was and is about.  It was to keep Trump out because he was not an ordained puppet of the elite who traditionally have backed their professional politicians.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The ones who know how to get elected, but NEVER get anything done.  And when they do get something done, it is always worse than the pre-existing system it was designed to replace and improve.  They are the ones who will say anything, promise great things and rhetorically bash their opposition, yet will turn their backs on the very supporters who voted them into office soon after they are inaugurated.  Forgotten are the promises made during their campaigns.  Ignored are the people who voted for them.  Gone is the hope they had instilled for a brief moment, only to ultimately betray the will of the people once again in the end.

The substance of Trump’s platform was based on very common sense principles.  The platform in essence is very basic and fundamental:
  • Having secure borders that are diligently guarded their entire lengths.
  • Leveling the playing field for American workers by imposing a 35% import tax on all foreign imported goods.
  • Putting Americans first through espousing Nationalism and rejecting globalism.
  • Renegotiating trade deals in which we are given the short end of the stick.
  • Granting massive tax breaks for American companies for manufacturing their goods on U.S. soil.
  • Simplifying the tax code and giving middle-class Americans massive tax breaks.
  • Repealing the disastrous Obama care.
  • Imposing term limits on profession politicians in government.
  • Cutting waste and wasteful spending out of our federal government.
  • Rebuilding our infrastructure (e.g. Bridges, roads, etc.).
  • Cutting the red tape and overregulation on U.S. businesses.
  • Protecting our constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.
  • Protecting freedom of speech and repealing any 1st Amendment laws recently signed into law.
  • Making it illegal for our government to fund terrorists overtly or covertly.
Despite the obviously stated common sense list mentioned above, the globalists have attacked each and every one of these ideas through their carefully selected professional politicians.  Think of these politicians as lawyers hired to represent the elite bankers who control our currency and the ideals of globalism.  In fact, in the case of Bill and Hillary Clinton, they were both actually lawyers before they launched their political careers.

These professional politicians must cause the American public to believe that the above common sense list is evil and must be avoided at all costs.  They must associate negative stigmatisms to each and every obvious need of a functioning government.  They must cause us to desire the opposite of what common sense dictates.

To sell us on open borders, they call those who support secure borders racists and white supremacists.  In contrary to supporting leveling the playing field for American workers, they support business leaders such as Steve Jobs, who was instrumental in moving thousands of American jobs to China where slave labor cannot be competed with.  Instead of signing trade deals that would bolster American manufacturing jobs, they would sign deals with foreign countries which would cost American’s jobs and become strong incentives for American companies to move more manufacturing jobs to foreign countries.   Instead of simplifying the tax code, these same politicians have made the tax code so complex that profession tax services must be hired to file personal income taxes on behalf of tax payers.  They have sold us Obama care, which was supposed to lower healthcare costs, but instead has driven healthcare costs through the roof and forced every person to obtain healthcare or face fines and imprisonment.  So much for free and affordable healthcare.  Instead of imposing term limits, they have enabled politicians to remain in government for a lifetime and enjoy benefits and retirement completely separate and above the normal public’s standards.  They must remove our freedom of speech and suppress descent in order to keep us from being lied to or deceived.  But of course, they are not talking about the mainstream media.  They are talking about the alternative media, which has helped get Trump elected and will place future enemies of globalism in the White House.

But let us look at the real fake media (that they ironically claim to want to save us from).  For example, let’s take a close look at NBC News.  Most would consider NBC a mainstream news media outlet, would they not?  Well NBC published a story about General Motors’ trucks.  In this story, they fabricated material in order to persuade Americans that a certain model of GM truck was unsafe.  The fake story was eventually exposed and NBC was forced by a court of law to publish the following statement:

As you notice in the above example, NBC was found guilty of publishing “fake news” thus we would have to start with shutting down NBC to ensure that additional fake news is not allowed to be published in America.  The interesting fact is that the mainstream news media in general has been gradually losing more and more of their audience since 2013.

Now concerning the globalist takeover; In order to finalize this takeover, they must first convince the American public to willing surrender their firearms to prevent an uprising when they completely nullify the constitution, stripping all Americans of their remaining rights.  Instead of taking proper care of American citizens and war veterans first, illegal aliens come first and receive better care and benefits than those born in the United States of America.

One of the things on Trump’s agenda that I hope he eventually gets to is the Federal Reserve Bank.  A bank which is NOT owned by the federal government but is owned and run by private bankers.  I hope to see the Federal Reserve Act repealed in my lifetime.  It was the greatest mistake ever made by our federal government to date. 

We simply do not need the FED, but they certainly need us to continue their perpetual debt system which is designed to act upon unsuspecting countries as predatory lenders.  We need to return to sound money as well as one that is 100% digital in order to finally bring down drug kingpins and their empires as well as all organized criminal enterprises which elude federal prosecutors due to the lack of evidence to reach all the way to the top of their organizations. 

Switching over to a totally digital currency system allows law enforcement to follow the paper trail of financial records that connect everyone involved in a criminal enterprise to each other.  Through the arrest of one drug buyer, the entire empire can be brought down without a single witness needing to testify against the leaders at the top.  Cash provides criminals with a way in which to hide transactions and keep them anonymous to cloak their operations and ties to dealers, manufacturers, drug purchasers as well as drug traffickers.

Think of the truth as a rare commodity such as gold.  This makes the truth a hard sought after thing that has been scarce in the mainstream arena.  This is why people went looking outside of the mainstream for the truth in the alternative media.  We own over 300 electorals thus far, but by 2021, we will own close to 400 plus.  The elites are losing their voice to a fair and newly reborn political system in which our future leaders will drive them out of our midst and criminally prosecute others who are not able to escape.  But let’s get to the center of our nation’s dilemma. 

Let us ask some important questions as if we were planning to take over a country and needed a solid plan to do so with as little publicity as possible.  Step one is to become the issuers of currency to said nation.  But to accomplish this feat, three prerequisites are required beforehand:

1. We need to come up with a monetary system that enslaves the nation we print money for.  Today we would call this practice “predatory lending”.  The system must be based on a perpetual debt scam that is very difficult to figure out the mechanics of just how it works.  Because to understand how it works is to give away the scam behind the new money system.  We will call this new money system “Modern Money Mechanics”.

2. We need to disguise our private bank in a way that the public will not suspect anything for decades to come. The name must be completely misleading.  It must appear to be a bank run by the nation we are trying to take over.  Let’s call our private central bank “The Federal Reserve”.  Now our disguise is complete.  We sound federal and official, despite that nothing could be further from the truth. 

3. We need to back a presidential candidate of our choosing and spend as much money as necessary to give him the best odds at getting elected.  Aside from backing the candidate with lots of money, the person must also be a viable candidate in his own rite.  We must strike a deal with this individual by letting him know that we expect one favor in return for our backing.  He must agree to push a piece of legislation we have formulated and written for him to submit on our behalf.  A piece of legislation called “The Federal Reserve Act”.


 on: November 13, 2016, 23:28:08 
Started by chessnyt - Last post by chessnyt
Just like I predicted before the election, Donald Trump has won.  And just like I told you before the election results, the mainstream media was lying to you and was practicing biased journalism. 

In an attempt to win you back into their fold, the New York Times just issued an official apology regarding it's admitted biased presidential election coverage.  Yes, you just can't make this stuff up.  They actually came out and apologized for their unfair coverage during this election cycle.  They claim they want to re-dedicate themselves to fair and unbiased reporting of the news.  For me, their apology is not accepted.  I cannot trust them any longer.  They should have considered the ramifications associated with slanting the news beforehand.

The alternative news is now in the lead with the majority of the readers as its spoils post the information war up until 2016.  So not only have we selected new leadership in our country, but we have also switched news media providers (the alternative news media). 

(where the apology article may be found)

 on: July 29, 2016, 15:13:10 
Started by Rosemary Ainslie - Last post by Admin
Hi Guys,

Yet more letters.  I'm still trying to make inroads.  The following was sent to the Solid State Circuit Soc of the IEEE.  Hopefully it'll get some traction...

Thank you so much for following up on this application. 

The circuit and its waveforms are attached hereunder.  As mentioned - in 2012 we published a paper in the Journal of Nuclear Physics, which proved to be rather contentious.  We show experimental evidence of a viable current flow generated from a simple switching circuit - but the oscillation occurs during the time that a negative signal is applied to the gate of a MOSFET.  A paralleled transistor cannot provide an alternate path for this current as it's source leg is floating. 

Effectively the measurements - as published - show the puzzling result of a negative wattage, which is logically absurd.  There is also evidence that the battery itself is both charging and discharging but to levels well above and below its rated capacity.  We have not found any reduction to the battery voltage after extended periods of use on this circuit.  We were also able to measure a positive discharge from the battery supply when we applied the current sensing resistor directly to the negative terminal of the battery.  But the anomaly persists because there is, simultaneously, a negative signal applied to the gate of the transistor which will not allow the flow of current from the battery.  Effectively it all points to some measurements error or indeed to some anomaly.  And curiously the circuit can also be simulated to show the same results.

The circuit was designed as proof of a thesis that proposes a material property to a magnetic field.  We all know that science is progressed by experimental evidence.  Traditionally what is required is that one publishes ones findings and then waits for someone to replicate that experiment and produce the same results.  In the 4 years since publication no-one has replicated although many have refuted the results.  Which is extraordinary given the highly contentious nature of the claim.  And the reason I am writing to you is in the hopes that you will circulate this among your members that the results can be widely replicated as required.  If they are correct then it indicates that our standard applications of electric energy are unnecessarily and prodigally wasteful.  And in the light of the energy crisis this may be nationally and globally beneficial. 

Hereunder is the circuit - the component parts - and a typical sample of the waveforms.  The original papers can be viewed, as mentioned, in the Journal of Nuclear Physics.  But I have attached links to my blog which may be easier to reference.

Thank you again.  I am sure that if anyone can help to progress this it's you.

Kindest regards

I attached the same circuit and waveform as shown in the previous post - as well as links to our two papers.


 on: July 25, 2016, 21:01:37 
Started by Rosemary Ainslie - Last post by Admin
And another point - by way of an addendum to the previous post - is this.  The evidence shows us that if one applied a continuous negative signal to the gate of Q1 then a continual oscillation is generated that - at its least - is highly exploitable.  And without a complete revision to certain assumptions related to current flow from our standard model - it would not be possible to explain how a current can be generated in the first instance on an open circuit.  I'll repost the circuit and the attendant waveform from that negative signal - hereunder.

Again, kindest regards

 on: July 25, 2016, 17:35:50 
Started by Rosemary Ainslie - Last post by Admin

Not sure if the previous post is clear but what I'm trying to point out is that it would not be fair to expect a utility supplier to supply a required voltage as is needed by the system - without also getting some benefit from the current usage which is generally associated with such a supply.  That, afterall, how they earn their money.  And our system would evidentially return more energy to the system than was first applied.

The thing about this technology is that there is essentially NOTHING new.  And yet it is EVERYTHING that is new.  Here's the puzzle. According to my advices, there are systems that exploit an interrupted power supply - but by charging and discharging a capacitor to feed the application rather than discharging a battery directly.  They KNOW that this interrupted supply reduces the rate of battery depletion.  Now.  No-one for reasons best understood by themselves - has done the comparative analysis of battery draw down rates.  They claim that this cannot be standardised to 'wattage' consumption - because the rate at which the battery is depleted is based on or 'standardised' at the rate of current flow. And this may not, necessarily, have a direct bearing on the wattage.  However, our own tests were applied by comparing an equivalent wattage measured to be dissipated from a work source and a control and comparing the draw down rate between those two sets of identical batteries.  And those tests indicated a gain over standard applications - by a factor of 17.  Which is HUGE.  And on the latest test configurations - per paper 1 - we have NEVER managed to find any loss of voltage over the batteries over an extended period.

Back to the puzzle.  Einstein advised us that anything with mass has an equivalent and quantifiable energy potential - E=mc^2.  Yet when we measure the energy delivered by a battery supply we assume that the energy is simply transferred.  It IS.  But when that induced voltage over the resistor is then discharged - it 'RE' produces a cycle of energy entirely on its own.  Effectively it induces another magnetic field through the collapse of its earlier induced voltage from the battery during the on period of a switching cycle, each period in anti phase with the supply.  And the circuit that is used and reference in Paper 1 and 2 - is configured to PROVE that the energy returned to the battery is sourced from an equivalent 'positive' voltage supply which can ONLY be discharged back through the battery supply.  And the battery supply is then effectively RECHARGED.  Two cycles for the price of one.  THAT's the gain.  And it defeats our unity barriers and our prejudices related to the conservation of energy, both.  But what is more to the point is this.  IF we were to factor in the KNOWN properties of mass which have their quantifiable energy potential - then we would not be contradicting those standard model assumptions.  We just need to factor in or vary the equations used for power computation.  Indeed. Rather and then - we would have the comfort of knowing that our basic scientific premises are still VERY much on track because we've factored energy potential of the material of the resistor itself.

I hope that those reading here appreciate these subtleties.  We do not have a revolution in science - in finding this energy.  We are simply applying know science to a principle that has been poorly understood and applied and which has resulted in a prodigal misuse of electric energy.

Kindest regards

 on: July 24, 2016, 17:16:42 
Started by Rosemary Ainslie - Last post by Admin
Guys - it seems that there's been a holdup getting the appropriate nichrome wire.  In any event - when this is resolved the test should be ready to roll.  All I can tell you is that the experimenter is superbly skilled and utterly scientifically impartial.  It's a stunning combination.

One needs must ask why it is that this system is not simply implemented as it's clearly very usable, the system here defined as a heavy duty heating element supplied by an interrupted power source.  The reason I can't promote it is complex.  While the experimental evidence points to the certainty of being able to run ones application at zero cost - it cannot be done without an applied voltage.  No current required.  Only voltage.  Therefore subject only to the utility supplier paying for energy returned to the grid - the end user would be able to apply his electricity applications for free.  In effect it will always require a voltage supply.  But by the same token - the evidence also points to the fact that one could run a battery system for zero cost - and it would only need a very large battery to supply a household.  This is theoretically doable - and it should be more than enough to entirely decouple us from that grid supply.  Sadly my skills at electrical applications are zero.  But perhaps there are those among you who would be able to manage this. 

Kindest regards

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